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    April 29th, 2017
    $117,000 Up For Grabs
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    Everyone has seen those ads on TV where people are getting unbelievable deals on great products. Now, we at Bingo USA are pleased to offer you the same opportunity. Bingo USA has teamed up with Booster Bids to offer our Bingo players the same great products at great prices. So, check it out, register, and let the bidding begin at 
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    April 29 $117,000 Up For Grabs!
    Saturday April 29th

    $117,000 Up For Grabs!

    May 6 2017 Million Dollar Game
    Saturday May 6th

    $1,000,000 UP FOR GRABS!

    We NOW play every Saturday!

    BINGO USA is located at 576 US Hwy 278 Bypass East in Piedmont, AL 36272. For directions: Click here for a map.

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    Golden Link
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    Four Corners
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